One-Way Rental Car Road Trip: Christchurch to Queenstown


Embark on an unforgettable journey through New Zealand’s South Island with Apolicar’s one-way rental car road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown. Travel at your own pace and explore the breathtaking landscapes along this iconic route. With scenic stops at Lake Tekapo, the Tekapo Hot Springs, and the Clay Cliffs at Omarama, this itinerary will take you on a memorable adventure filled with natural beauty and rejuvenation. The Apolicar fleet can be relocated for pick-up in Christchurch on request.  

Recommended Itinerary

  • Begin your road trip in Christchurch, heading south through the stunning Canterbury Plains.  

  • Arrive at Lake Tekapo, renowned for its striking turquoise waters framed by the Southern Alps.  

  • Take a relaxing soak at the Tekapo Hot Springs, surrounded by picturesque views. Unwind in warm mineral pools while gazing at the clear skies above.  

  • Enjoy a lakeside picnic or explore the Church of the Good Shepherd, an iconic landmark offering superb photo opportunities. 

  • Depart Lake Tekapo and journey towards Omarama, passing through the beautiful Mackenzie Basin.  

  • Visit the otherworldly Clay Cliffs at Omarama. Marvel at the towering pinnacles and deep ravines carved by nature, providing an ethereal landscape for exploration.  

  • Stay overnight in the serene surroundings of Omarama and enjoy stargazing in one of the world's premier dark sky reserves.  

  • Continue your road trip towards Queenstown, known as New Zealand’s adventure capital.  

  • Stop at one of the many scenic lookouts along the way for panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, lakes, and mountains.  

  • Arrive in Queenstown, where vibrant activities, fine dining, and exhilarating outdoor adventures await.  

Create lifelong memories on this picturesque one-way road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown

Reserve your rental car with Apolicar today and experience the wonders of New Zealand’s South Island like never before!